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Design & Planning
Design & Planning
  • Every project needs a plan, as the old saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Every step of the way we will provide you with updates. We will go over all plans and keep you in the loop so that you understand the progress, we will make suggestions and enhancements to ensure perfection of your project. We will also offer interior design tips and suggestions so that your renovation is a showpiece.
Thing we've learned along the way...
  • We encourage our clients to obtain a few estimates - then call us and ask for a detailed estimate. We take the time to go over all the intricate details of what your complete renovation needs are. We go away with a fully filled out checklist and before we provide you with a quote, we will likely contact you several times to go over anything we feel was missed or we need further clarification on. We will not compromise quality and attention to detail for price, but we will work with you to ensure you are getting the most out of your renovation needs while understanding the guidelines you have set out for us.
  • Quick estimates rarely include everything, and unfortunately will lead to cost overruns and soon the original estimate will be null and void!! All to o often we have heard from homeowners "the contractor walked off the job, but we couldn't afford to pay the extra costs." It's better to understand the clients needs and wants and "nice to have's" so that we too make be able to provide customized workaround's which will achieve their design goals and attention to detail.
  • It is absolutely necessary that the homeowner has a budget to start with and in our experience it is the most important stipulation to make upfront, again, all too often we hear "we don't know what something like this should cost" - that is understandable, but the homeowner should know what can be budgeted for their renovation, don't be caught off-guard.
  • "We put our job out for bid and everyone came back with a much lower estimate than yours" - bidding on jobs is not something we do, we pride ourselves in offering a detailed, precise and all-encompassing quote. Securing a job on price alone is not something we do, we invest a great deal of time and effort to speaking with the homeowner, preparing drawings and discussing materials etc.
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